4 Benefits of Aluminum Foil for Health

Friday, 16 July 2021 - 05:57
4 Benefits of Aluminum Foil for Health Illustration – Covering feet with aluminum foil. (PHOTO:

TIMES SINGAPORE, JAKARTAAluminum foil is commonly used to cover food before putting them into the microwave to keep them warm.

However, it turns out that aluminum foil has other beneficial properties for health. According to Boldsky’s page, there are several ways to get the benefits of using aluminum foil for health.

Relieves fever symptoms

Aluminum foil is already known for its property of anti-inflammation that could relieve fever symptoms. Cover your feet with 5 until 7 layers of aluminum foil and let them sit for about an hour. Next, take the aluminum foil cover off and do the previous step again after 2 hours.

Recovers energy

Aluminum foil can help you recover lost energy after your daily activities. Cut several sheets of aluminum foil and put them into the freezer. After 2 until 3 hours, take them out from the freezer and put them on the cheek and eyelid area. By then, you will feel the effect immediately!

Helps to recover from scorch wounds

First, clean the scorch wounds and dry them with a clean cloth. Rub wound ointments on the wound, cover it with aluminum foil and fasten the aluminum foil cover with gauze. You will feel the pain gradually disappear.

Joint pain

Cover several layers of aluminum foil on the affected joint area. Keep them on all day or all night long. However, it will also limit your movements. (*)

Writer : Evan Julianto
Editor : Evan Julianto

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