Mayjen Eka Wiharsa and Brigjen Junaedi Inspect  TMMD of South Tapanuli

Monday, 05 July 2021 - 16:33
Mayjen Eka Wiharsa and Brigjen Junaedi Inspect  TMMD of South Tapanuli Mayjen Eka Wiharsa and Brigjen Junaedi wearing ilos on their shoulders. (Photo: TMMD South Tapanuli for TIMES Singapore)

TIMES SINGAPORE, TAPANULI – The Indonesian Military (TNI) of Tapanuli Selatan or South Tapanuli keeps conducting the community service program through TMMD (TNI Manunggal Membangun Desa) even during this pandemic. This time, some of the soldiers  or members of TNI were deployed to several area around the province. 

It is the 111th TMMD they have conducted for this long. The TMMD itself has been started in 90's.

During this time, several officers will be deployed to certain villages to build infrastructure and teach civic and defense strategy to the public.

According to the commender of 111th TMMD task force Letkol Inf Rooy Chandra Sihombing, S.I.P, they welcome Mayjen Eka Wiharsa and Brigjen Junaedi, the Wasev team of the TMMD which happened to visit TMMD Kodim 0212/TS for inspection and evaluation on Tuesday (2/7/2021).  

They have to deal with a long exhausting trip before reaching the place for it was located in a remote area. They were welcome with the local tradition by putting some ulos (a woven fabric) on their shoulder.  

During their visit they gave some words of motivation and supports to the members of TNI. They hope that this program will hive some benefit to the local community and that the locals could enjoy such a better life with what they have done to their area during  111th TMMD of South Tapanuli or Tapanuli Selatan. (*)

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