TMMD South Tapanuli Task Force Get Advice on Wax Apple Grafting

Thursday, 15 July 2021 - 02:39
TMMD South Tapanuli Task Force Get Advice on Wax Apple Grafting TMMD South Tapanuli Task Force get the best advice on apple wax grafting (Photo: TMMD South Tapanuli for TIMES Singapore)

TIMES SINGAPORE, TAPANULI – Their spirit of the villagers to fulfill everyday needs by producing good farming harvest in this hard economic condition, should be appreciated.

Their goal is non other than to produce big harvest to sell on the market, and the money they get could be used to buy their everyday needs.

Approaching the official closing, The TMMD Task Force from Kodim 0212/TS learn to graft the apple wax tree with Mrs Maya from Siuhom Village, West Angkola,  South Tapanuli.

The Task Force find out the the grafting process must be done very carefully for the result to grow roots faster.

Serda Tajun Siregar on Tuesday (13/7/2021) said, "The cambium or mucus on the tree skin must be cleaned. This cambium serve as medium or nutrient line that move from the soil to the leaves."

Therefore, those cambium must be completely cleaned to stop the nutrient supplies to the leaves, so the grafted stem could get the nutrient instead. (*)

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Editor : Ronny Wicaksono

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