Turns Out The Nets-Making is Not Easy At All

Wednesday, 14 July 2021 - 05:12
Turns Out The Nets-Making is Not Easy At All The TMMD Task Force do social communication with the fishnets maker (Photo: TMMD South Tapanuli for TIMES Singapore)

TIMES SINGAPORE, TAPANULI – In the communal life where there's diversity, there is also different nature and needs between one another, so the harmony is needed to reach the common goal.

That's what the people and TMMD Task Force did, who help each other to balancing the needs between this life and the afterlife.

"The TMMD Task Force from Kodim 0212 TS help to make fish nets for Khalaid Hutabarat at Batu Rosak Village, Angkola Sangkulur, South Tapanuli, " Prada Faisal Caniago said, Monday (12/7/2021).

But for TMMD South Tapanuli Task Force, the nets making process is easier said than done. When practicing it themselves, they find it difficult because the weaving process need patience and perseverance. (*)

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Editor : Ronny Wicaksono

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