Throw Away the Boredom, TMMD Task Force Making Nets

Wednesday, 14 July 2021 - 05:11
Throw Away the Boredom, TMMD Task Force Making Nets Help the locals make nets as one of social communication program (Photo: TMMD South Tapanuli for TIMES Singapore)

TIMES SINGAPORE, TAPANULI – The 111th TMMD (TNI Manunggal Membangun Desa) held simultaneously by Indonesian Army (TNI). It is part of their concern to help the government distribute the development evenly on all region.

Of course, within this program, all parties - from government, police and also the people, work together with the military personnel.

"The TMMD TAsk Force from Kodim 0212/TS spare our times to held social communication activities, which is helping to make nets for Khalaid Hutabarat at Batu Rosak Village, Angkola Sangkulur, South Tapanuli, " Prada Faisal Caniago said, Monday (12/7/2021).

The TMMD Task Force watch and try to make nets with the people as one way to throw away the boredom. It also relieve the fatigue so they will be fresh the next morning to continue finishing the TMMD programs. (*)

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Editor : Ronny Wicaksono

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