The Excavator at TMMD South Tapanuli Will Keeps Working Till the End

Saturday, 10 July 2021 - 02:12
The Excavator at TMMD South Tapanuli Will Keeps Working Till the End The excavator used to open the new road. (Photo: TMMD South Tapanuli for TIMES Singapore)

TIMES SINGAPORE, TAPANULI – During the last few days of TMMD South Tapanuli or Tapanuli Selatan program, the excavator keep doing its job to finish the new road construction. This new road was expected to give the local community a better acces to the neighbourhood area. 

The excavators were focused on the construction site at Tangga Batu, Siuhom, West Angkola. These heavy duty vehicles will be used to finished the construction of the new road which left only few meters away. 

The road were planned for 6400 meters long and 8 meters wide. This road will connect the local villages witht the nearest conventional market where they could get some suplly or distribute their products there.

"We race with the time to finish this road," First Class Prv. Nanda said on Friday (9/7/2021).

The new road will bring them a new hope. bBefore this, they have to walk by 8 to 9 km away to go to the same market. The road taken cared by TMMD South Tapanuli or Tapanuli Selatan will allow some vehicles to come and go to their area. (*)

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