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Bubur Bakar Presiden, Another Way to Enjoy Your Congee

Sunday, 12 September 2021 - 01:31
Bubur Bakar Presiden, Another Way to Enjoy Your Congee A crew of Bubur Bakar Presiden preparing the congee. (Photo: Siti Nur Faizah/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES SINGAPORE, JEMBERBubur Bakar Presiden, a food shop located at Jalan Sentot Prawirodirjo, Sawahan Cantian, Kepatihan, Kaliwates, Jember will give you another experience of enjoying your congee. Unlike any other congee you found in the country, this food shop will serve you a set of humble congees in fancy way.

Bubur Bakar Presiden which literally mean the President’s baked congee was one of the first food shop with this kind of dishes served on its menu. They started the business around 4 months ago. Helmy Zamrudiansah said that it was his dream to open a business with his mom.

“The pandemic has given us some short of way to think out of the box. And with this business I could spent more time with my mom,” Zamrudiansah said.

Zamrudiansah said he enjoy every little time he has with his mom while preparing the congee. Together with his mom, Zamrudiansah will wake up at 02.00 a.m. early in the morning and then spend 4 to 5 hours preparing all the thing he need for the congee with his mom.

Bubur-Bakar-a.jpgA set of Bubur Bakar Presiden served on a fancy Chinese pot. (Photo: Siti Nur Faizah/TIMES Indonesia)

“She keeps me strong, though I have to wake up early in the morning every day. She’s my all,” Zamrudiansah said.

Unlike the other congee, as its name Bubur Bakar President will serve the congee on a Chinese pot and then roasted. Some ingredients like salted soy sauce and sesame oil will be added to give another aroma to the congee.

Once it’s ready some condiment like chicken floss, smoked fish floss, minced onion spring, slices of Chinese crullers, crispy shallot, and fried dumpling wrappers. All these combos will make the congee feels like the perfect food sent from heaven.

Bubur Bakar Presiden of Jember opens daily starting from 06.00 to 09.00 a.m. a set of this fancy congee could be enjoyed for IDR 12 K. but make sure you came before 08.00 a.m. for sometimes they have run out of it. (*)

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