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UIN Malang: Five Signs You Have a Healthy Friendship

Selasa, 06 April 2021 - 06:33
UIN Malang: Five Signs You Have a Healthy Friendship Fuji Astutik, M.Psi., a Psychology Professor at UIN Malang. (Photo: Fuji Astutik For TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – Having friend is like having some guardian angel around you. Especially when you have a healthy friendship. Above all, healthy firendship is all you need. And Fuji Astutik.,M.Psi, a psychology professor of UIN Malang gives you 5 signs you have a healthy friendship. Check them out.


1. You gain success in life together

When you have some goal, your friend will support you no matter what it is. As you are to them. You will support them in any condition, and see each other happy with what they have gained.

2. Listen to each other

Not everyone has the same interest. However, a good friend will always listen and appreciate to what you like. And in a healthy relationship your friend will do the same. They will listen to your story though they didn't have any interest on it.

3. Remind and support you

No one is perfect. Everyone made a mistake even once in their life. But a good friend will stay next to you, remind you for what you did, forgive your mistake and take you back to the silver lining.

4. Respect each other boundaries

Good friend will never ask you to do things you don't like, or the other way around. Yu respect to what your friend, you know what they need, and if they dont like it, you will not force it to your friend, vice versa. 


No matter how close you are to your friend, they still need some privacy. And to respect the boundaries is all you need to do. And your friend will do the same to you.

5. Understand and forgive each other

There will be a time when you have different opinion about one thing with your friend. When this happened, all you need is to think on the solution, not focusing on the problem. It might bring some line into your friendship but understanding each other and forgive one another mistake is the key.

"However, there is a thing called as toxic friendship. It's the other way around of healthy friendship, and all we need to do is finding out and determine what kind of friendship do we have right now with our friend," Fuji Astutik.,M.Psi, the psychology professor of UIN Malang said. (*)

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