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The Exotic Pattern of Batik Rolla Makes It Get the World's Attention

Monday, 18 October 2021 - 04:27
The Exotic Pattern of Batik Rolla Makes It Get the World's Attention Tobacco leaves becomes of exotic pattern of Batik Rolla. (Photo: Doc. TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES SINGAPORE, JAKARTA – We all know that Batik is one Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity that has been acknowledged by UNESCO.  And that every area in the country has had their own pattern. Just like what Batik Rolla of Jember has. This batik has managed to steal the world's attention with its exotic patterns.

"We tried to reach the global market without setting aside the local tradition. Our batik was created by the local experts. We also use the best materials yet with such an affordable price," Andriana Okta Fara Diba, the owner of Batik Rolla said.

The exotic pattern was meant to to give people another choice towards their bati. These pattern will be such a fresh air in Batik industry and give others some more ideas to create another beautiful patterns and qualified products yet with such an affordable price.

"We have lots of pattern, Previlese Tembakau White Batik Blouse, Previlese Tembakau Red Batik Blouse, Previlese Tembakau Red Batik Blazer, Previlese Tembakau R&W Batik Blouse, Previlese Tembakau Red Simpel Dresses, Previlese Tembakau White Simpel Dresses, Previlese Tembakau R&W Dresses, Previlese Tembakau Red Dresses," Diba added.

Located at Jalan Mawar, No. 75, Jember, Batik Rolla trying to facilitate their customers and took customized orders. The customers coould order some pattern in  form simple dress, blouse, to blazer to match their occasion. All those beautiful products could be taken starting from IDR 600 K to IDR 2 M.

Well, you could consider Batik Rolla of Jember for your suits and do an early bird order for your next occasion. This batik and their motifs will surely be an eye catching and beautiful elegant clothing in everyway. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti

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