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Get an Authentic Taste of Indonesian Congees at De Jenangs

Saturday, 11 September 2021 - 22:45
Get an Authentic Taste of Indonesian Congees at De Jenangs Jenang Grendul, another delicious Indonesian congee. (Photo: instagram_@dejenangs)

TIMES SINGAPORE, MALANGDe Jenangs which located at jalan S. Supriyadi 15 Malang, East Java trying to pamper the local community as well the tourists with authentic taste of Indonesian congee. They tried to bring these conventional dishes by presenting it in modern way.

De Jenangs has taken advantage to the modernity as their main consideration in their business. They would like to bring this food into another level and wipe out all the traditional stereotypes.

They have several variants of congee such as Jenang sumsum (rice four congee), jenang durian Rice flour congee with durian), jenang grendul (sweet tapioca ball congee), jenang ketan ireng (black glutionous rice congee), and jenang londo.

De-Jenangs-b.jpgAnother variants of conge along with its condiments. (Photo: instagram_@dejenangs)

They also serve it in different way. Commonly, congee will be served in a hot pot or just served it hot while De Jenangs have some icy cold variants such as Jenang Londo with ice or the original one with ice.

As for the original taste, De Jenangs will serve you a set of complete packages of all those variants, including the ice tube. Meanwhile, for Jenang Londo, they have amodern touch with giving it another flavour like matcha or taro.

De Jenangs Malang opens daily at 11.00 to 21.00 local western times. You could enjoy all these delicacy starting from IDR 10 K to IDR 25 K. You could also order it from hailing app such as Go food or Grab Food. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti

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