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Top 5 Supper Spots in Surabaya for Hungry Insomniacs

Friday, 24 September 2021 - 01:25
Top 5 Supper Spots in Surabaya for Hungry Insomniacs Sego Sambel Mak Yeye. (PHOTO: Instagram @surabayapunyacerita)

TIMES SINGAPORE, SURABAYA – Craving for food at midnight can be bothering, especially when most eateries are closed at night. Fret not! In Surabaya, there are several ultimate midnight supper spots that will satisfy your hunger.

TIMES Indonesia has the top 5 lists of midnight supper spots that you can go around the city.

1. Sego Sambel Mak Yeye

We are sure Surabayans are familiar with Sego Sambel Mak Yeye, the eatery located in Jalan Jagir Wonokromo Wetan 12 in Surabaya. It opens daily at 9 PM to 4 AM.

Sego Sambel Mak Yeye is always crowded with visitors, as it is well-known for its appealing hottest sambal.

Sego Sambal Mak Yeye serves various side dishes. However, most of the visitors usually order Ikan Pe (smoked stingray) served with warm white rice and the signature Sambal for IDR 20,000.

2. Mak Pandegiling Fried Rice

Mak Yeye bFried rice and fried noodles by Mak Pandegiling. (PHOTO: Instagram @duniakulinersurabaya)

Mak Pandegiling Fried Rice located on Jalan Pandegiling 183B is also well-known in Surabaya. It only costs IDR 5,000. This supper spot usually opens at 5 PM to 3 AM.

At night, this supper spot is always crowded with visitors. This is the most suitable supper spot for hungry insomniacs who want to go for affordable supper.

3. Nasi Cumi Pasar Atom

Mak Yeye cBlack squid rice at Nasi Cumi Pasar Atom. (PHOTO: Instagram @surabayafoodies)

Nasi Cumi Pasar Atom has been serving the best squid rice in Surabaya since 1965. The signature menu is black squid rice that is second to none in culinary of Surabaya.

Nasi Cumi Pasar Atom is located on Jalan Waspada 30, Pabean Cantian sub-district. This food stall opens daily for 24 hours.

4. Nasi Pecel Rawon Pucang Moroseneng

Nasi Pecel Rawon is a new dish in Surabaya, served by Nasi Pecel Rawon Pucang Moroseneng. This dish is the combination of nasi pecel (vegetable salad with peanut sauce) and rawon (Javanese black beef soup) that creates a perfect taste. The price ranges from IDR 15,000 to IDR 30,000.

Nasi Pecel Rawon Pucang Moroseneng opens daily, starting from 9 PM to 3 AM. It is located on Jalan Pucang Anom 17, Gubeng sub-district.

5. Penyetan Bang Ali

Penyetan Bang Ali opens for 24 hours. It has been one of the most favorite supper spots in Surabaya that is located on Jalan Simpang Darmo Permai Utara, Sambikerep sub-district.

The visitors are allowed to pick their favorite side dishes that starts from IDR 2,000 to IDR 20,000. The signature menu in this food stall is fried smoked stingray, served with lalapan (vegetable platter) and sambal.

Those are the recommended midnight supper spots in Surabaya that you can try when you are craving for foods at midnight. (*)

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Editor : Tiara Dewanti DJ

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