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Check the Health Benefit of This Amazing Herbal Essential Oil Has

Monday, 06 December 2021 - 01:26
Check the Health Benefit of This Amazing Herbal Essential Oil Has Rhea Health Tone, the first herbal essential oil in Indonesia. (Photo: Rhea Health Tone for TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES SINGAPORE, JAKARTA – There is another way to take some herbal medication if you don’t like the taste of herbal med. It's in a form herbal essential oil. And you could have it from Rhea Health Tone. This herbal essential oil is claimed to be the first herbal essential oil in the country.

As any other herbal products, Rhea Health Tone has tons of health properties. Even, this essential oil was claimed to be able to tackle you from getting Covid-19. It was made of Kacapiring or gardenia flower, one family of jasmine. There were also some myrrh oil, Indian kind of incense, fennel, wild carrot, and olive oil.

All the compounds was believed to be a good anti inflammation, anti bacteria and antioxidant agent. Working together with Prodia, they even have tested it to some patients at local hospital of Rumah Sakit Darurat Covid-19 (RSDC) Wisma Atlet Jakarta and Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat (RSUP) Dr. Hasan Sadikin Bandung  to make sure this herbal essential oil works well. 

The test shown that those patients who consume this Rhea Health Tone has a better resistance of Covid-19 and easily get better than those who didn’t consume it. Those who shows some low and medium symptoms which normally needed to be charged for 39 days at hospital could go for 17 days only. That was a wonderful result to show. 

After consuming Rhea Health Tone, the patient starting to show some god sign by the increase of  IL-6 and IFN gamma significantly. This  will resist the occurrence of cytokine storm and trigger good PCR conversion and better respiration.

In some cases, Rhea Health Tone was also able to tackle some cold symptoms like cough, runny nose and more. "This herbal essential oil is easier to be taken and processed by our body and it's quite safe for a long term use," Yosua Tjajadi, the Head of Sales & Marketing of PT. Rhea Sciences Indonesia explained. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti

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