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Check This Successful Story of Indomie Penyet Dinoyo Surabaya

Wednesday, 27 October 2021 - 02:11
Check This Successful Story of Indomie Penyet Dinoyo Surabaya The process of cooking Indomie Penyet of Indomie Penyet Dinoyo Surabaya. (Photo: Khusnul Hasana/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMES SINGAPORE, SURABAYA – You might have heard about Indomie, a world wide brand noodle that originally came from Indonesia. Yes, Indomie is an Indonesian noodle, and we are proud of it. But today  we're not going to talk about the Indomie itself, but more to a successful story of a food shop in Surabaya named Indomie Penyet Dinoyo.

As its name, the shop used Indomie as their main ingredients for their food. Indomie Penyet Dinoyo is located at Jalan Dinoyo, No.150, Surabaya, East Java, right in front of Dinoyo Bridge. Now you know where the name was derived from. 

The penyet was associated with certain sambal or ground chili and garlic sauce that has been popular in the country recently. The noodle will be simmered first before its being served, just the same way with the regular way you cook Indomie.

After it's ready, they will add some simmered lettuce, and the spicy sauce and mix it all together. You could order the sauce to fit your spicy level. For the last touch, they will add a sunny side egg on top of it. And you're Indomie Penyet is ready.

That's it!!!. As simple as that. But, you will be amazed after hearing how many indomie they sell in a day. It's around 200 set/day. Amazing isn't it? Well, of course it's all about taste. This dish taste amazing.

But it doesn't stop on that, it's super affordable. For  a set of Indomie with sunny side egg, you could have it for only IDR 10 K, or less than $1. But for those big guys, guess you will need than a set of it. Not to offend, but one won't be enough.

"It was established around 2000. But we don't have have social media back then, and this food shop becomes viral recently thanks to the internet," Adji Saputro,  a crew at Indomie Penyet Dinoyo Surabaya said.

Indomie Penyet Dinoyo Surabaya opens daily from 21.00 to 24.00 local western times. With this short of opening time, bet you need to prepare yourself to come earlier to get a first spot before it runs out. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti

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