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These Things Could Cause You Get a Frizzy Hair

Thursday, 02 December 2021 - 01:45
These Things Could Cause You Get a Frizzy Hair a girl looking at her frizzy hair. (Photo: Freepik)

TIMES SINGAPORE, JAKARTA – Waking up to frizzy hair in the morning will lead us to  a bad mood the whole day. Especially when it stays rough and dry after we wash our hair, it will be an absolute mess.  There are certain things that cause frizz. We commonly didn’t realize that we have done some mistake to trigger this issue.

Frizzy hair occur when the outmost layer of hair strand or commonly known as the cuticle is raised which allows the  moisture pass through. Its also a condition where the  cuticle unable to produce more oil to keep your hair moisturized.  This condition could be caused by several activities. Let's check the activities below.

1.   Daily hair wash

Washing your hair too often can drain hair moisture and raise your hair cuticles. This will trigger your hair to frizz. Instead of washing your daily, you could try to wash your hair twice or three times in a week.

2.    Hair dye

Dyeing your hair will need certain stage including applying some hair bleach before the dye. The bleach and the dye both will cot your hair lost the moisture. It will lead to a dry and frizzy hair. Make sure you do proper treatment like hair mask and apply some vitamins to your hair after doing these activities.

3.    Blow dry and ioning your hair

Styling your hair after you wash it is a fun thing to do. But remember, if you blow your hair too often and then styling it with ion, it will set the moisture aside. Make sure you do more treatment after styling your hair like giving it some vitamins.

4.    Applying too much chemical

What is the chemical we talked about? Well, starting from the shampoo, choose a lighter shampoo for your hair. And then choose the right product to treat your hair like vitamin, serum or hair mask. However, the non chemical product or those natural product you could found from your yard will be the best ting for your frizzy hair. (*)

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