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Hikers, It's Your Chance for Mount Kelud will about to be Opened Soon

Minggu, 04 April 2021 - 23:22
Hikers, It's Your Chance for Mount Kelud will about to be Opened Soon The Mayor of Kediri and the Moout Kelud caretaker at the crater. (Photo: Canda Adisurya/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTAKediri, East Java has closed their tourist destinations for a while since the beginning of pandemic struck the country. This decision was said by the Mayor of Kediri Hanindhito Himawan Pramana himself while visiting Mount Kelud on Saturday (3/4/2021).

Hanindhito said that the government especially Tourism Department of Kediri has discussed about the issue. Up until now they have started the preparation to reopen all the local tourist destination.


"I have checked Mount Kelud and Besuki. And the rest will be checked by next week. We still need to discuss the due date with the local officials," Hanindhito Himawan Pramana said during his visit to Mount Kelud.

The Mayor also said they will apply the newest safety protocols for all the visitors as well the caretaker including those who ojek and hawkers. They will also limit the capacity to only 50 percent.


"We will urge them to wear a mask. And if there is one of them who didn't follow the rule, we will give them some punishment, or we might consider to close it down for the safety," the Mayor added.


For all this long, Mount Kelud of Kediri, East Java has been well known to be a popular local tourist destination. Lots of tourist either the locals or those from foreign countries had visited this mount before the pandemic. (*)

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