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Visit Kampoeng Ramadhan at Yello Hotel Jemursari During Iftar

Kamis, 08 April 2021 - 00:23
Visit Kampoeng Ramadhan at Yello Hotel Jemursari During Iftar Some dish served at Kampung Ramadhan of  Yello Hotel Jemursari to accompany your iftar moment. (PHOTO: Shinta Miranda/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, SURABAYA – Ramadhan will be hold in few days from now. And Yello Hotel JemursariSurabaya trying to pamper their guests and customers with Kampoeng Ramadan Vol 3.

Kampoeng Ramadhan will be a perfect choice to have your iftar. It will served you local dishes and delicacies which will make your iftar moment feel more enjoyable.

Beberapa-Menu-Andalan-di-Kampoeng-Ramadhan-Yello-Hotel-Jemursari-2.jpgMouth watering dishes served at Yello Hotel, all fresh from the kitchen. (PHOTO: Shinta Miranda/TIMES Indonesia)

Nasi Goreng Kebuli or Kebuli Fried Rice will be their signature dishes during this occasion.  Other than that, the hotel also served some tasty delicious companion dishes for you.

For the companion dishes, Yello Hotel will have opor ayam (Indonesian Chicken Curry), ikan sambal matah (Fish with salsa), tumis jipang (jipang stir fry), and tahu crispy (crispy tofu).


"We decided to continue Kampoeng Ramadhan program after being absent for a year. And we have Indonesin dishes especially Javanese dishes like stir fry chayote and opor ayam," the public relation of Yello Hotel, Agnes Indah said.

The tasty refreshing drink, and some appetizers to dessert will also be served for you during this time. All will a very affordable price. You could have this package for IDR 78 K/pax.

In addition, for thi package, Yello Hotel will give 1 free pax for every 5 pax purchase you have. This will be such a a nice experience to have with your family or friends during this Ramadhan. 

According to Agnes, Yello Hotel would like to bring up the local dishes and delicacy through this Kampoeng Ramadhan. They would like to pamper their guests and customers with local taste of delicacy.

During this occasion, Yello Hotel Jemursari, Surabaya will apply safety protocol standard that has been suggested by the government. It's al to make the guests and customers feel more comfortable and safe to enjoy their iftar moment at Kampoeng Ramadhan. (*)

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Editor : Khodijah Siti

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