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Have an Exotic Taste of Dumpling with Indonesian Sauces at Yossmi Dimsum

Kamis, 08 April 2021 - 03:40
Have an Exotic Taste of Dumpling with Indonesian Sauces at Yossmi Dimsum The owner of Yossmi Dimsum, Mohammad Ali Sayfudin poses with the dumplings in the bamboo basket. (Photo: Akmal/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, GRESIK – Commonly, people will enjoy their dumplings with sweet spicy sauce or mayonnaise for the dipping. But in Yossmi Dimsum of Gresik, you will be taken to taste dumplings with typical Indonesian sauce.

Locted at Jalan Salak Pongangan, Gresik, East Java, right behind Giant GKB, Yossmi Dimsum has lots variant of dumpling. They have around 3p kinds if dumpling at their restaurant. Each with its associate taste and filling.

What make it unique is the sauce. This restaurant will serve it with Satay Sauce, Rendang Gravy, Soto Lamongan Gravy, Krawu (sweet spicy grated coconut), and Sego Romo sauce for the dipping.

Yossmi Dimsum 2

The owner of Yossmi Dimsum Mohammad Ali Sayfudin said that he planned to add more variant for the local sauce in the meantime. He intended to give some distinctive experience to his customers through this sauces.

"We all know that dumplings are Chinese food. And we presents it with Indonesian sauce. Turn out that everyone loves it," Mohammad Ali Sayfudin said on Tuesday (6/4/2021).

The sauces they served apparently brings some more customers to his restaurant. Beside the sauce they also served in buffet style. The customers could take anything they like and have their own choice.

Yossmi Dimsum 3

The sauce and they way it served has made the restaurant never been quiet from the customers. They keep coming and go like a never ended chain. And it has become such a blessing for Yodsmi Dimsum especially during this pandemic.

"We hope that we could open more restaurant around the city. We will keep innovating to fit the customers needs. For now we have two restaurant at GKB and Bungah," Sayfudin added.

The owner of Yossmi Dimsum Gresik also explained that the dumplings could be enjoyed for dine in, take away or delivery order though hailing service. For a set of of dumpling in any taste and flavor you could have it for IDR 20 K. (*)

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