Check This New Look of Pangandaran

Friday, 22 October 2021 - 06:58
Check This New Look of Pangandaran The Western part of Pangandaran look after being renovated. (Photo: The Tourism and Cultural Department of Pangandaran)

TIMES SINGAPORE, PANGANDARANPangandaran has always been offering a nice beach view from time to time. But, the local government of Pangandaran, West Java has an amazing idea to make this beach look more spectacular.

The local government adds some panoramic spots that make the beach look so modern and chic. They added some shades with beautiful designs and lot more esthetics spot for your pictures. Some public facilities like restroom and praying room were also built.

"This area looks like a slump before, but now, after the renovation lots of people coming to Pangandaran to have some moment with their camera," Yanto, a local community said on Monday (18/10/2021).

The local government also build new side walks and zebra cross. Yanto also stated his opinion that the renovation and the new installation will reduce the traffic happened at Panagandaran especially during the weekend.

With the new look, lots of people flock to Western part of Pangandaran. This place has become one nice place to spend your evening especially when the sun almost set. The beautiful view combined with all those panoramic scenery make this place looks wonderful.  

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Editor : Khodijah Siti

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