Visit this Farm and Admire the Beauty of All Blooming Sunflower

Thursday, 21 October 2021 - 02:22
Visit this Farm and Admire the Beauty of All Blooming Sunflower The visitors capture her moment in the middle of the sunflowers. (PHOTO: Land of Osing Banyuwangi)

TIMES SINGAPORE, BANYUWANGI – A farm located at Sumberkencono, Wongsorejo, Banyuwangi has become an internet sensation lately. Lots of people post their pictire with this farm on their background. It's all because this farm offers a mesmerizing view of all blooming Sunflower.

People seems going crazy when they see or find a nice spot for selfie. And this is what happen to all this sunflower farms. The blooming sunflowers petals has attracted their thrust of good background for their profile picture.

Lots of youth and teenagers especially flock to these farms just to enjoy their late afternoon and sitting under the shade of those gigantic sunflowers. Some of them will just coming for the pictures and go, some even bring some food for a picnic. 

Not quite different with what happened at Wongsorejo, in the other districts like  Tegaldlimo, Srono and Cluring of Banyuwangi, those sunflowers farm also took the local attention.

Kebun Bunga Matahari 2

Those farms were a program run by the local government. They have encouraged the local farmer to try panting these new sunflowers trees. In Banyuwangi alone, there has been around 5.7 hectares farm planted with this kind of trees.

"So far so good. Especially for those area with higher sun exposure. As for now, we could see a chance for tourism industry with this plants. We could see its potential by telling the high number of people visiting those farms each days," the Head of Ketahanan Pangan dan Holtikultura Dinas Pertanian Banyuwangi, Ilham Juanda said.

Ilham also said that there is a chance to make this Sunflower to be another main products of farm from Banyuwangi. In the future, they will encourage more farmer to do this planting and make it as their main business. 

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