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Get an Exotic Taste of Seafood at Kampung Mandar Banyuwangi

Wednesday, 27 October 2021 - 03:21
Get an Exotic Taste of Seafood at Kampung Mandar Banyuwangi Grilled fish, a menu you could find at Kampung Mandar, Banyuwangi. (Photo: Screenshot of Emzy Ardiwinata YouTube channel)

TIMES SINGAPORE, BANYUWANGI – For those who love some seafoods, you might need to consider Kampung Mandar of Banyuwangi as one place to go. This place has tremendous kind of fresh seafood which will make you mouth watering once you see it.

Kampung Mandar is a local village in Banyuwangi located on a coastal area. It's right across to the Boom Beach, the iconic beach of Banyuwangi. No wonder that this place has always have such a fresh seafood.

The local community who works as fisherman catch the fish for their daily basis. The fish varied from coral fish, sardines, Tuna, mackerel, prawn, calamari, and more. Most of the fish will be grilled before it was being served.

During the griling, the cook will marinate it with local herbs and spices. They also do the brushing with some sweet soy sauce and secret recipe they have from their grandmother. Those spices will make the smell so tempting.

Loads of people coming to this place just to taste the amazing stuffs. Just like Emzy Ardiwinata did several days ago. This guy visit Kampung Mandar and happened to taste their marvelous seafood.

"I recommend this place for you to visit. The fishes taste so fresh. And it has such a nice atmosphere and offer panoramic view with all those dimming lights," Emzy said on his YouTube channel.

In addition, apart of the nice food shops, the local scenery where lots of boats  put off their sail will become a nice background for your pictures. Not to mention a nice sea breeze that will blow your hair and act like a natural AC for you.

For the price, Kampung Mandar Banyuwangi only charge their customer for IDR 11 K/ounce. This is nothing compared to the taste and experience you will get by taking the dishes. He shops also opens anytime, from breakfast to dinner time. (*)

Writer : Hafid Nurhabibi (MG-311)
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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